About Us

Urban Plastik Indonesia was established in 2020 and is a sister company of PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi which has been established since 1977.

Urban Plastik Indonesia started the company by selling plastic rope. Afterwards, it began its expansion by selling various plastic products, such as Cast/Curing Plastic, General Plastic (Trash Bag, Plastic Spoons, Plastic Forks, Plastic Gloves, etc). Then, PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia has also started selling plastics for infrastructure needs, such as Non Woven Geotextile or Needle Punch Fabric, Woven Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geobag, Geomat, etc.

Urban Plastik Indonesia also extended to selling plastic items for agricultural needs such as Mulch Plastic, UV Plastic, Irrigation Hose.  We also sees the potential for large growth of plastic packaging in Indonesia, so we also provide plastic packaging such as T-Shirt BagsDie Cut BagsSoft Loop BagsBags on Rolland so on.

Urban Plastik Indonesia has been selling very well in the local market, therefore it entered the export market with the hope that the scope of our business will be even bigger and can collaborate with foreign partners.

We are always committed to continuing to innovate, continue to expand, and continue to prioritize our customer satisfaction.

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At PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia, an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we have a strong culture of retaining our staff.  We may look young, but the majority of us have around 10 years of service with the company and experiences in plastic industry.

Our hardworking team of Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter consists of: Marketing Team, Customer Team and also Production Team.  When you have manufacturing requirements or looking for plastic supplies, our experienced, skilled and dedicated Customer Service Team will assist you and therefore can be relied upon.

Here is how you can contact us:

As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we are always looking for ways to improve our services to customers and therefore we are ready to help you!